About Us

Begun in 1991 by David McLean, Video Interaction created some of the first videos to cater for the new VCE. Text in Performance and Film as Text were relatively new concepts then. As the business name suggets, it was the time of a video player in every school.

Computer technology was still in its infancy. Expanding and developing, we began creating digital based materials for use on computers - the first being Shakespeare on Disk. The technology that has remained fairly constant, of course, is the photocopier for which we have amply catered.

Our subject base is also diverse. Our production of My Last Duchess was aimed at the Literature and English syllabus. We produced some of the first visual aids for Psychology with the assistance of one of the leading VCE practitioners. Drama resources were developed with our Commedia scripts being very popular. And we have materials on Health, Curriculum and Religion in Society.

What has been very pleasing is that some of our resources are now available in the UK and USA. Take this opportunity to see what we have available. And if you need anything specific, we may be able to design it for you. Contact us at info@videointeraction.com.au