Our Commedia scripts have proved very popular but we also have a range of material highlighting the different eras of theatre and all are geared for student performance.


A morality play. The original, a close translation and a modern update of this early form of theatre are provided for performance.


A medieval mystery play. Explore the original, a close translation and a contemporary retelling with this file.


Two Shakespearian extracts provide an opportunity to appreciate the bard.


This series of short scenes test performance skills through realistic scenarios based on the works of Chekov and Lawson.


Pieces of nonsense. Not for the faint hearted, a sense of the ridiculous is of assistance in these short plays that explore the concept of the absurd.


Two short plays with contemporary political, musical and theatrical references ready for performance.
FILES. Here is a complete course readymade for drama classes. Activities, monologues and commedia scripts ready to be used in class.

Commedia Script One

Arlecchino, Pantalone, Il Capitano, Isabella and Zanni are the central characters in this story of nonsense and mistaken identity.
Commedia Script Two

Pulcinella, Columbine, Il Dottore, Pantalone and Isabella are the central characters in this story of bravado and self flattery.

Monologues for Adolescent Performers.

This collection of 15 photo copiable resource masters is aimed at a contemporary adolescent audience.

Australian Monologues

Here is an opportunity to revisit what is classically Australian; the language of Australia in the last century!

Shakespeare Monologues

This collection of photocopiable resource masters uses many of the identifiable Shakespearean soliloquies.


This is a series of photocopiable resource masters providing a foundation for character development through utilizing a scenario and a range of interested parties that respond to the conflict being outlined.

Warm-up Activities

This is a collection of over 50 activities divided into breath, physical, vocal, personal, concentration and character strands. Tasks include individual, paired and group work. Printed on sheets, you can make your own warm up activity cards for every staff member using this resource as a foundation.

Greek Theatre

Greek Theatre is often seen as the foundation for many of the forms of theatre experienced today. Comedy, satyr and tragedy are the touchstones for such things as the situation comedies on television and the satirical performances about contemporary events.

Commedia dell’arte

Commedia dell’arte is a disciplined form of theatre with a range of conventions that were familiar to the people of the day yet is allowed for anarchic comedy on the stage.

Elizabethan Theatre

Elizabethan Theatre is often seen as where tragedy came of age. There was no greater proponent of this craft than Shakespeare in his use of language and stagecraft.


Naturalism as a form saw real life situations being presented. While the audience was aften an observer, the topicality and the emotional confrontation was quite challenging.

Epic Theatre

Epic Theatre allowed for a convergence of forms and styles where issues were of greater importance than the actual characters. In deed, the actor often took on more than one role.