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Reading Shakespeare

This interactive workshop offers a range of engaging approaches to the study of Shakespeare. Staff are taken through a variety of classroom activities that employ different learning styles and methodologies. From entertaining drama activities to an exploration of the language, this workshop provides suggestions for what you can do to encourage student participation when studying the bard.


Long overlooked and somewhat intimidating for some, the study of grammar is enjoying a revival. The VCE English Language course has opened up the potential and excitement where the study of grammar is concerned. Finding ways to make formal grammar less droll and repetitive – and overcoming the intimidation it holds – are concerns addressed in this presentation. Practical activities are provided to help staff make the study of grammar fun and entertaining.



This workshop introduces poetry in a fun and engaging manner enabling staff to overcome some of the trepidation they may feel. Participants learn strategies to write poems and, by so doing, learn those formal elements of rhythm, meter and rhyme and the effect these components have on our understanding of the message in the poem.



The potential of the context component of the VCE English course is realized by exploring a variety of approaches to the study of the texts. Tailored to your school's needs, the connections between the texts and the merits of certain assessment options are investigated.


Wilfred Owen

Discover the social, religious and poetic worlds Owen challenged in his poetry. More than just a World War One poet, Owen altered our understanding of the traditions and conventions that blithely sent so many people to their deaths.



Presented by a former Head of English, these workshops are designed to revitalize the approaches and strategies your staff use in class. The ideas and methods employed are linked to sound educational thinking and have been the basis of presentations given to state and national conferences.

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